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Concept Evaluation Discussion and Data Visualisation

Concept Evaluation Discussion and Data Visualisation

01 April 2021

The mobile first, newly developed application, now runs perfectly across platforms. Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

This new Concept Discussion tool brings a number of new features:

  • Fully customisable highlighter pen interaction
  • Customisable Pin locator customisation
  • Markey creation pen tool
  • Hot Area selection for pre-defined areas (A more restrictive method but allows the clients to better control the respondent interaction)
  • Customisable HeatMap generation / visualisation
  • Custom dashboard creation and data integration
  • Ability to create multiple and advanced logic situations

Concept Evaluation On:


Concept research on mobile



This new Concept Discussion tool can be integrated into any system or used on its own to collect data on any type of concept, textual or visual based.

A totally new infrastructure has been set up to host this tool, our new advanced data collection SIP system. This new system has the flexibility to build almost anything that a client will need for a project.

Thus, meaning, the Discussion tool can be set up in a number of ways. Going from a normal survey flow. An example could be that, after a number of Virtual Shelf tasks, the Discussion tool is then shown to respondents displaying the shopped product, or clicked product.

Furthermore, the tool display functions are quite simple to adjust to fit the specific needs of a client.

Data visualisation

Using the freehand selection tool does present a challenge. Passing all these X/Y coordinates does not make sense to many other systems.

As such, we develop our client-specific dashboard to help them better understand the Respondent interaction with the concept.

Building advanced analytics is now easier. It is possible to show heatmaps and overlay all sorts of other metrics. We make this process interactive, cusomisable and simple.

The new SIP platform will help data scientists greatly, as it gives them transparency and easy access to all the captured data. This new access level is a vast improvement for everyone.

Please contact us for more information about the 2D packaging evaluation tool.