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Virtual Store Builder Platform Update – Jan 2023

As we kick off the new year, we have deployed many updates to improve market research with virtual shelves. These all come as continuous enhancements… Read More

Revolutionizing Retail Research: How Virtual Simulators are Transforming the Way We Understand Shopper Behaviour and Display Strategies

Retailers, have you ever wondered how to gain insights into consumer behaviour without incurring costly expenses of physical store testing? Well, online 3D virtual simulators… Read More

Market research with 3D virtual shelf

We have yet another update with exciting features for the shelf builder and virtual shelf solution in general. As the year ends, we are striving… Read More

Shelf Testing with 3D Products, Custom Bays, Way points, Check out the Virtual Shelf Builder platform update for September

How time flies, the team has been busy with a few exciting new features for the Platform. We have many more updates/new developments planned for… Read More

Get closer to reality with the new online 3D virtual shelf builder – Newsletter

Test on-shelf packaging concepts Find out if your concept is effective on-shelf vs the competition. With the virtual shelf builder, you can create an online 3D shelf… Read More

Shelf Planogram Builder platform update 07

It has been quite the month, we have been very busy with a number of projects. As well as the development of exciting new features… Read More