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Concept research with Online Surveys

Concept research with Online Surveys

01 April 2021

Packaging and Concept evaluation can be done in a number of ways. When developing a new packaging idea, concept testing is a process that helps brands and agencies to pick the right concept development path.

With the online survey platform, research agencies, as well as brands, can clearly see the respondent feedback. Respondents are given tools, such as a marker, pen, pin, or even a pre-defined area to select/activate.

Once the respondent selects an area on the concept, they are able to make a comment on it and indicate if they Like or Dislike. These options are also customisable.

Have a play with the DEMO here.

Data Analysis

Another advantage of the concept research platform is the ability to visualise easily any bad data. It also allows clients to report such instances or ignore the bad data. Further helping clients in making the right choice for design development.

This application can also be used in focus groups for collaborative concept development.

We are always developing new concept research applications be it in discrete choice analysis or more straightforward interactive multi-select exercises. By building and developing these applications with our agile and cluster-based infrastructure, we can meet all your project needs.

Try the platform out today for Free and let us know what you think.