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Online Virtual Shelves for shopper marketing

Get closer to reality with the new online 3D virtual shelf builder – Newsletter

14 September 2022

Test on-shelf packaging concepts

Find out if your concept is effective on-shelf vs the competition. With the virtual shelf builder, you can create an online 3D shelf that closely resembles a real shelf. Enabling you to better understand shopper behaviour.

Close to reality 3D simulation

No longer will respondents see 2D flat images in mid space and out-of-context. Respondents will experience a 3D store and an in-context experience, all delivered through the browser and with no plugins to download/install.

Cost effective

It will not cost you the earth! Our solution is by far the most advanced and cost-effective solution on the market.

Faster Insights

Cut down the time it takes to complete your research by significantly improving shelf build and approval, going into field and DP time.

Proven track record with a global reach

We have delivered and continue to deliver 100s of projects per year globally. Working with clients and agencies alike, we create amazing 3D virtual shelves that far exceed expectations.

Cutting edge 3D technology with Real-time data

All respondent data is gathered in real-time with greater depth. Such as timings for actions, clicked on products, or simply, button actions in the 3D simulations.

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