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OTC Virtual Shelf shopper display set

How to create an OTC– over the counter medicine– virtual shopper display set

11 June 2021

Building and testing over-the-counter (OTC) products online is simple and straightforward with our virtual shopper builder. In this quick post, we wanted to show an example of such a shelf. Naturally, these products are only demos and do not reflect the actual products used in the study.

Since OTC products can be small, it is very important to position them using the correct product scale so that they appear virtually as they would in real life.

Don not be concerned, that OTC products will not show clearly on the shelf due to their small size. This is easily resolved by simply moving the camera closer to the shelf, thus, making the products appear in greater detail.

Getting started

To build a virtual shelf with OTC products, a number of files will need to be prepared.

  • Product images in PNGs with the background removed and named correctly (image names must be alphanumeric).
  • Product data sheet outlining all the metadata for each product, such as size and name, weight and other info.

In the Virtual Store Planograms builder, you can easily upload all these assets with a simple drag and drop interface. You can import the sizing information via an easy-to-use CSV template and then creating the shopper layout is as easy as drag and drop.

Showing a demo of an OTC (Over The Counter) Virtual Shopper shelf set

While this example is of a simple bay for over-the-counter medicine, it is possible to build other types of bays that are more complex, such as countertop POS displays. Giving the respondent a closer to real-life environment.

We have also added an extra video on Youtube that might also be of interest.