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Building A Conjoint Virtual Shelf With Sawtooth Light House Studio

How to use Conjoint Virtual Shelve Wizard with Sawtooth Lighthouse Studio

30 April 2021

Building virtual shelves is typically not a 5 minute exercise, that is unless you use our new Store Planogram Builder. Once you have this mastered. Creating a Conjoint shelf is yet another challenge that many in the research industry face.

When it comes to creating Conjoint shelves, few options if any are available! While traditional platforms can create a ‘virtual shelf’ set. It is far from what a typical shopper would experience in the physical world.

Traditional conjoint shelf using rows and columns

A traditional Conjoint virtual shopper shelf displays

Displaying products with attributes in a simple row and columns might be ok for some research. While for other applications, users will require a more immersive and realistic shopper shelf.

This is where our Conjoint Shelve builder comes in. It utilises the Store Planogram Builder as the core technology. Then uses the data generated from Sawtooth Lighthouse studio.

This provides users the ability to build a complete 3D store environment, while having a conjoint shelf placed in the middle.

Conjoint Virtual shelf built using data from Sawtooth Light house studio

How is the Conjoint Shelf Built!

  1. Activate the Conjoint Shelf wizard
  2. Follow the step by step wizard
  3. Import the data from sawtooth lighthouse studio as described in each step
  4. Adjust the options as required in preview mode
  5. Generate the final respondent 3D virtual shelf in one click
  6. Repeat step 3 or 4 if setup needs further adjustments
  7. Celebrate with some wine or fresh juice and relax
Conjoint Virtual shelves wizard builder

Once complete, users have the ability to integrate this shopper shelf into any platform of choice. i.e. Decipher, Confirmit etc…

The whole process of generating virtual shelves online has now become much easier and adaptable to all types of shopper research.

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