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Showing a 360 3D product on a Virtual Shelve

Shelf Testing with 3D Products, Custom Bays, Way points, Check out the Virtual Shelf Builder platform update for September

13 October 2022

How time flies, the team has been busy with a few exciting new features for the Platform. We have many more updates/new developments planned for 2023, however, for now. The below is a welcome addition and more coming next month.

Here is a summary of our latest updates to our platform, some big features I have highlighted below with full list of fixes/features at the bottom of the page. 😊

Shelf Testing with Full 3D products on shelf for a realistic in store test experience

This is a big feature, allowing clients to deploy full 3D products to shelves, respondents can click and rotate these products in 360 degrees.

3D products on shelves allowing respondents to rotate a product in 360 degrees

This is a feature we will create a separate blog post about as this is quite an important one 🥰

Added Waypoints feature

This is Version1 Beta of the Google style street view implementation of the shopping simulator. With this feature, clients can now add Waypoint cameras with specific 360 views that will allow respondents to navigate the store, before arriving at the interactive shopper store.

Added support for custom assets

Now its possible to easily upload custom Bay assets, so you can easily change the bay type and use any bay you chose, if it is a Tesco, Walmart or Wholefoods style. Now you can easily upload this and create a great realistic respondent experience.

A custom 3d virtual shelve bay with custom shelve strips

Resetting user password

Managing multiple users on the platform is now easier, with this simple Reset Password feature. You can easily reset a users password, or even upgrade / downgrade their privileges.

Easy user management for the shelf builder

Full list of Updates

Respondent app changes

  • Changed Title of the Respondent App.
  • Added Waypoints feature
  • Fixed Issue with Z-ordering of 3d products.
  • Added support for custom assets

Admin app changes

  • Changed Title of the Admin App.
  • Fixed deleting lines Bug.
  • Added live survey manager dialog.
  • Fixed renaming blocks bug.
  • Added navigation unit tests.

Shelf Builder

  • Add Waypoint camera type
  • Ability to create/upload custom assets
  • SB App title change
  • Ability to move bays vertically
  • Download SB setup assets

Backend improvements:

  • Respondents tracking is live, but we have ~8k resp tokens
  • Waypoint camera
  • Custom assets
  • Bugfix copy project and copy survey
  • Resetting user password
  • Pipelines for deleting projects and surveys
  • other small bugfixes and changes

We continue to push the limits and feature of our planogram shelf builder platform. The team is looking forward to implementing new features and improvements for all our clients.

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