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How we launched a product redesign research across markets

Behaviorally (formerly PRS) wanted to perform a product redesign market research for an oral care product in multiple global markets. Our virtual shelves helped them identify where and how the design needed to be refined.

*Images & videos used, are for demo purposes only. They do not reflect the client or product in the research.




• Virtual Shelves
• A/B Testing
• Survey Data Reporting

1The Challenge

Behaviorally (formerly PRS) was working with a major healthcare company in order to test a new oral care product design along with an interactive display in multiple global markets.

They wanted to perform a qualitative research to understand how shoppers navigate and shop, as well as a quantitative survey to test both the new design and the organising of the shelf.

They previously had an online shopping solution, but it was rather static.

They were looking for a more natural experience, where shoppers would be able to navigate the aisle, move around different locations inside the store and surround themselves in realistic environments.

That’s when we jumped in to provide a more interactive and realistic solution.

PRS - Oral Care Virtual shopper shelf test

We were looking for a technical solution to recreate realistically the different shopping scenarios and ConceptSauce was a perfect fit.

- Director Innovation Behaviorally (formerly PRS)

2Setting up two virtual shopping exercises

Behaviorally (formerly PRS) came with a clear understanding of their expectations, what they needed and how they wanted us to deliver.

They had typically ran surveys with a single shelf proposition, but this time their client asked to be able to test two different proposals which they hadn’t done before.

Working with our solution allowed them to run an A/B test with two different shelf and display versions and record the differences between the shopping experiences.

Virtual shelf set example product concept A-B test

The flexibility of the system allowed us to do a dual shopping experience and a recording of the different scenarios, which was something different that we hadn’t done before. And it delivered exactly what we were hoping to receive from the research.

- Client & Market Development Behaviorally (formerly PRS)

3Integration with PRS research strategy

Our collaboration was part of a larger survey that Behaviorally (formerly PRS) was developing.

They worked with us to recreate a shopping experience in a realistic environment, and then redirect respondents to their own qualitative interviews to get deeper understanding on the behaviour occurred during the exercise.

The project was performed in different markets, each market had a unique aisle built. A 10-metre aisle and 6-metre one.

It was Behaviorally (formerly PRS) first experience working with ConceptSauce, and even though the building of the first shelf had a learning process, the second virtual shelf was much faster and only took a couple of days.

For the client it was a very easy transition as they only had to provide the visuals. They thought this alternative was a cost-efficient way compared to building an aisle and loved the new experience. They thought it was much more realistic.

- Client & Market Development Behaviorally (formerly PRS)

4Survey results and conclusions

Once the surveys were performed, we compiled the data and delivered it to Behaviorally (formerly PRS) for their analysis.

The survey results showed some particular issues that were consistent across markets.

According to Behaviorally (formerly PRS), the video captures of the respondents as they were shopping in the virtual store provided the necessary context and made the numbers much more believable.

The data that we received was able to pin-point specifically where there was room for improvement. We were able to suggest some redesign recommendations and the client was able to apply them and move forward to launch the product.

- Client & Market Development Behaviorally (formerly PRS)

We really appreciated ConceptSauce’s flexibility and the ability to find solutions quickly and even implement new functionalities when required.

- Director Innovation Behaviorally (formerly PRS)

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