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How to improve market research and reduce costs with the 3D Virtual Shelf

Using our 3D Virtual Shelf allows IDG to create a realistic shopping environment for their clients while saving time and reducing costs.




• Product Launch
• Concept and Packaging Testing
• Quantitative & Qualitative Research


• 3D Virtual Shelves

An agile approach to better market research

1Drawbacks of traditional market research methods

Traditional methods of doing market research throw up a number of challenges, such as cost and turnaround time.

Time to set up a physical store with the correctly arranged products takes days if not weeks, assuming a suitable location is found that is also accessible to participants.

Costs for this type of process are very high in comparison with using 3D. With the use of a physical location, it is not possible to use a large respondent sample as this entails significant expenses for each respondent.

Also, changes to any aspect of the setup can be problematic and time-consuming, how quick is it to change a design and have this reproduced on the physical shelf?


Traditional shopper research

2Benefits of 3D Virtual Shelves

Fortunately, those methods aren’t the only way to conduct packaging, concept, or product launch research.

Working with IDG, it is possible to deploy the 3D Virtual Shelf both in a quantitative and qualitative approach.

High definition:

It is possible to project the 3D Virtual Shelf at 4k resolution using rear projection, allowing for a high definition experience with a great level of product detail.

Quantitative Research:

The same Virtual Shelf can be deployed online for a quantitative approach, doing so means saving days on the research and reducing the costs significantly as there is no need to recreate the stimulus for that specific fieldwork.


3D Virtual Shelve shopper

3How IDG implements the solution with their Virtual Aisles

IDG uses our technology as part of their Mobile Virtual Aisle offering. This offering allows for an in-store experience that enables in-context store and shelf learning while being portable to anywhere in the world.

Using eye-tracking and qualitative interviews, IDG extracts immediate insights from shoppers’ interactions with the aisle.

The Virtual Aisle lends itself to both quantitative and qualitative approaches and is ideal for:

  • POGs / Aisle Resets / Merchandising
  • Package Testing / Optimisation
  • Shop-A-Longs
  • POS, Signage & Displays
  • Path To Purchase
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Menuboard optimisation

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