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How we helped launch a new product with virtual shelves

MAGID was performing market research for a new Salty snacks brand to be launched. Our partnership gave them the specific data they needed for a successful launch into the market.




• Product launch research
• Virtual shelf building


• Virtual Shelves
• Qualitative Interviews
• Survey Data Reporting

The Challenge

1Scope of the project

MAGID was performing market research for a new Salty snacks brand to be launched. They contacted us since they were looking for a long-term solution that would cater to all their needs when it came to virtual shelf research.
We partnered with them by building virtual shelves to be used during qualitative individual interviews, helping them acquire quality insights remotely.

This was a qualitative survey that needed interviewing respondents individually and recording their responses.

The virtual shelves created a new experience for the respondents as they could go on a shopping exercise as if in a normal store, in a very interactive way.

For MAGID, a successful launch meant that the product would find a place in the market and stand out on the shelf. Therefore, it should attract many buyers.

What I was most impressed by was the turnaround. I handed you files at approximately 5 pm my time and I received the first shelf when I opened my eyes the next morning. I received the second shelf an hour or 2 later”

- Lauren McCluskey, Vice President Qualitative research, MAGID.

2What was required from the client?

We guided the client through every step in terms of what was needed, such as the product data-sheet and all the images that were used on the shelves. Also, the design of the shelf was provided by the client and we based on that to build the shelves.

The client also approved the shelves during some stages to ensure that the solution was suitable for the research scenario they were doing.


Magid Qualitative virtual shelve research crisps packets

The working relationship was phenomenal because I felt like you guys knew exactly what to tell me and how to guide me to help me give you what you need.

- Lauren McCluskey, Vice President Qualitative research, MAGID.

3Services rendered and steps followed

With our shelf builder, we created the two different shelf sets as specified by the client. The shelves were sent for verification and as soon as we got the approval, we then provided 30 links from which they would choose. These links were integrated into the survey to carry out the research.

On the right is the virtual shelf that was set up.

During the shopping exercise, we recorded the respondents’ actions and afterwards presented a report to the client for further processing.

The report included a list of all the respondents that participated in the survey, the products they purchased, and the products they clicked on.


Within a period of 24 hours, we had delivered two sets of interactive shelves, customized to fit the needs of MAGID for the product research they were going to carry out.

This enabled them to continue with the rest of the survey which involved in-person interviews.
Our solution gave MAGID clear data about the user interactions with the shelves, including what they bought, what they clicked on and the time spent in the exercise.

From the report provided, and after analysing the information collected and feedback from users, they were able to successfully launch the product into the market after thorough and realistic research.

I was very impressed by how realistic it felt. The whole decision-making process seems extremely realistic. Everything, from how the shelf looks, to add to basket part. They get to review the Cart at the end and make any final adjustments and checkout. The program itself is very responsive.”

- Lauren McCluskey, Vice President Qualitative research, MAGID.

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