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How to perform concept research with a bespoke HotSpot heatmap solution

Feedback Consumer Research needed a high-quality HotSpot heatmap solution for a major FMCG client. Our solution helped them pinpoint exactly where and how a concept needed to be refined.


Feedback Consumer Research


• Product launch research
• Concept Test and Research


Survey Designer
• Custom Reporting and Analytics

The Challenge

1Scope of the project

When Feedback Consumer Research, a full-service independent market research agency, came to us with a request for us to develop a bespoke HotSpot heatmap solution for them.
They had the opportunity to work on concept testing for a major FMCG client, but in order to win their business, they had to show that they could deliver a heatmap solution that was at least as good as the one that their current supplier was using.


“Initially, we approached another developer for help, but after 6 months of trying to get the project off the ground, they were still bogged-down in the details.
Conceptsauce came up with the Concept Test HotSpot heatmap solution and it was perfect – even better than the one that our client was already using. What we really like about Conceptsauce’s heatmap solution is that the outputs look fantastic and they are very intuitive, which is great for the client. The heatmaps help us to really pinpoint where and how a concept needs to be refined.”

- Chris Nash, Research Director, Feedback Consumer.

2Our approach

From a technical survey programming perspective, we were able to offer Chris’s team a solution that can be implemented across platforms, including i-pads. This adds value in that it gives surveys a wider reach and promotes a better survey experience for respondents, which Chris believes has also led to better quality results.

Hotspot heatmap solution conceptsauce

“If you have a heatmap in a survey, it makes it a more interactive and interesting experience and you get great feedback from respondents. The more respondents enjoy a survey, the more likely they are to give a good quality response, so we now get far more useful feedback on the concepts being tested.”

- Chris Nash, Research Director, Feedback Consumer.

3Refinement and innovation

Since 2013, our working relationship with Feedback Consumer has developed, and our solutions provided have also evolved to meet the daily challenges faced by the team.

The current heatmap solution on our Survey Designer is more agile than ever before, and includes several key refinements that are designed to make each stage of the research process more streamlined:

  • Concept Test HotSpot Heatmap building tool: allows research teams to set up their own heatmaps and test them themselves, speeding up setup and survey launch
  • Quality control tool: allows the removal of poor quality responses
  • Filtering tool: allows comparison of responses by different respondent groups
  • Stats overlay: ability to reinforce heatmap output with using actual figures (%’s)
  • Adaptable outputs: research teams can customise heatmap outputs themselves (e.g. making colours lighter or darker)

This process of refinement and innovation is a key ingredient in the success of our working relationship with Feedback Consumer.

HotSpot heatmap concept research

“This is a great tool and I’m happy – it does everything that we’ve asked of it. However, the thing that I really appreciate is that the team at Conceptsauce don’t just provide a tool and that’s it. They are always looking for ways to innovate and improve, and to make things slicker. If anything crops up, they will always do the best to come up with new solutions.”

- Chris Nash, Research Director, Feedback Consumer.

4Live Demo

To interact with a virtual concept, go to our Live Demo of the Concept Test and Concept Research Heatmap/HotSpot application.

Concept test demo conceptsauce

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