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3D Packaging Animation

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Create an interactive animated 3D virtual product and share it across teams to discuss online.
3d packaging model
Create a 3D virtual image of your packaging and make every detail visible.
3d packaging animation
Enable animations to clearly show your product functionality.
share 3d packaging research
Share it across multiple platforms for internal discussion or market research.

How does 3D Packing Animation help in your research?

How does 3D Packing Animation help in your research?

Communicating a unique product feature to stakeholders or respondents can be challenging, especially when dealing with 2D concepts.
Why not create an interactive online 3D virtual product that will enable you to share across teams and discuss virtually & instantly?

Our 3D Packaging Animation application enables a global discussion online. It gives you the ability to spin, zoom and read labels of a product idea so every feature of an object can be looked at and discussed thoroughly. Our 3D packaging designer can upload 3D packaging models and interact with these via the Survey Designer.

There is no limit on what the 3D packaging ideas can be, as the technology allows all manner of materials to be built. The same 3D packaging designs can then be used across multiple platforms, marketing, internal presentations, or focus group discussions.

3D animations and product features

Using 3D Animations in packaging tests is a great way to communicate the idea and function of a product feature. This can be set up as a simple animation where the user clicks an ‘open’ button, or it can be more complex, requiring multiple steps to activating the feature.

The animations are not limited to FMCG packaging, but are more universal and can be used in other sectors.

Design Iterations

You can create multiple versions and design iterations of a concept idea to ‘test out’ internally as part of a presentation or in field research. You can also add animated components or show unique features of the concept packaging design, allowing you to effectively explore the options and features of the concept.

The 3D Packaging Animation designer can also be used for CAD models and other much-developed concepts. From sketch to real-life 3D visualization, it is possible to test the concepts and improve upon the design process.

WebXR Products

Viewing 3D products on the browser is very convenient, however, if you are looking for respondents to see the product in context, for instance, placed on a table to get a real sense of context and scale, then using WebXR is a great way to allow respondents to interact with the product using their phone while still been in the survey environment.

VR 3D Products

Looking for an even more realistic experience? Use VR to interact with a 3D product using the Oculus, HTC and other headsets. This technology is great for giving users the ability to completely immerse themselves and get a real sense of product scale.

The VR is deployed as part of our Survey Designer system with developments from the VR Shopper platform.

Four easy steps

  1. Define the research and provide the reference material.
  2. Define the storyboard and features.
  3. We build the 3D animated object.
  4. We provide your the links for integration.

Key Activities

  • Internal collaboration
  • New Product Development (NPD) research
  • Packaging surveys

Use Cases

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