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3D Virtual Shelf

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Simulate point of sale realistically where users can pick, view and purchase your products, saving time and resources time that would have otherwise been spent on physical shopping.
Measure the impact of different pricing strategies on sales.
Test your packaging design and other branding variables.
custom reports and analytics
Evaluate the effect on the market share of the product placement on the shelf.

How can the 3D Virtual Shelf help in your research?

How can the 3D Virtual Shelf help in your research?

With state-of-the-art technology, our 3D virtual shelves help you gather strategic data while saving time & resources.

This virtual shopping exercise enables respondents to imagine shopping a real product, as the store emulates a physical store. With the 3D technology, the products can be picked from the shelf and examined closely on all sides.

Thanks to custom development of shelves, shopping exercises are specific to a given project. Using the 3D virtual planogram, you can determine if your product stands out on the shelf or the best position on the shelf in order to attract more purchases.

In turn, you can ask questions like:
– Pick the pack that stands out for you.
– Which pack(s) do you think is new?
– Which product would you never buy?

And the answers are got by them directly picking products from the shelf. During the shelf development process, changes in shelf and/or store design can be done quickly as we encourage instant feedback from the client to ensure that we build the best solution in the shortest possible time.

Virtual shopping makes it easy to study your product and analyze its impact in the real market.

Four easy steps

  1. Register for an account
  2. Upload your 3D product models and Data
  3. Build your virtual shelve and 3D store
  4. Deploy the survey in Qual or Quant studies

Key insights

  • Pricing promotions
  • A new packaging research
  • New Product Development (NPD) research
  • A line extension research
  • A conjoint analysis
  • Qualitative research with eye-tracking

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