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Custom Reporting and Analytics

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Receive relevant data for your research so you can analyse the behaviour of every respondents and draw precise conclusions.
custom reports and analytics
Define what specific data you want to analyse for your interactive survey.
insights survey custom reports
Receive custom reports with top-line numbers.
Data interactive survey
Analyse and understand the impact of any concept, layout or pricing strategy decision.

How does Custom Reporting & Analytics work?

survey custom reporting

How does Custom Reporting & Analytics work?

With all research projects data is a critical component. How this is presented and managed is central to the success of the project. This is why the data we provide is custom to each project and client.

Instead of focusing on developing visually impactful dashboards, we concentrate on delivering critical data that will give clients the control and confidence to conduct all the needed analysis in any package of choice.

SPSS and Virtual Shelves

In a virtual shelve research project, for instance, we could have any number of objectives, such as Shelf Stand-out, planogram optimisation, or pricing strategies. Making sense of the data​is much simpler when it’s provided in a manner that fits a client’s process and normal workflow.

Providing the data as SPSS or others formats is easily managed and delivered.

Custom data output

In older virtual store systems, clients had to rely on data export at the end of a research project to then work out the numbers. Once the data export is done, it is then merged into the master data and then processed. This method is normal practice with clients and we are always asked the same.

However, this is not the most efficient method, as it means there is a lag for checking the data, especially on soft launches. Our virtual store reports allow clients to easily see what the top-line numbers all mean for a project and the impact of each concept change, or planogram layout, and even pricing strategy research.

With all these top-line numbers, it is easy to work out the impact of POG changes or any other parameter. The excel reports are produced using excel macros pulling the raw API data from our servers. The reports are not limited to Virtual Shelves, these can also be used with 2D and 3D concept testing or other custom-developed solutions as required by the Brand/Agency.

API real-time data

We take great care to guide our clients to make sure the real-time API is integrated correctly into their own surveying platform, such as Decipher or Confirmit for example.

This type of integration provides the greatest flexibility, as it maintains one data set that does not need to be merged post fieldwork.



Four Easy Steps

  1. Define data points
  2. Real-time API specific options are provided
  3. We guide you with API integration
  4. You receive a personalised report if API is not needed

Key Outputs

  • Percentage of products clicked but not bought
  • Percentage of Concept SKUs that was clicked but not bought
  • Number of competitor products added to the basket per POG/Cell/shelf
  • Percentage of respondents clicked on the back of the product before buying it
  • Average basket size
  • Baskets containing competitor brands

Use Cases

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