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Build your own engaging interactive survey easily with our node-based survey designer.
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Build an interactive solution that fits your specific research needs.
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Use the code-free node-based system to easily design a survey.
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How to use Survey Designer for your research

Survey Designer

How to use Survey Designer for your research

Building an interactive solution that helps you get the desired or intended feedback from your customers is something we strive for. We believe that custom-made tools are indispensable when it comes to improving the quality and richness of consumer feedback.

This can be done by adding some animations or specific features that are eye-catching to the respondents. By doing all these, respondent engagement and focus will remain in the survey and you will achieve more completion rates than having plain surveys with no interactivity.

Node-based construction

The survey designer is a complete online application that uses nodes to construct a survey flow. The nodes are placed in set containers that then assign them to a specific survey section.

Using nodes enables our users to have total freedom and control regarding the workflow and the organisation of the survey. One of the greatest advantages of this node-based approach is that it provides amazing flexibility to integrate any custom-developed activity into a survey. Meaning that setting up 3D VR activities using Oculus or HTC, for example, is easy.

Going far beyond VR and what the future will be. For instance, let’s imagine a situation where a client requires to develop a video that enables respondents to interact and comment on it, or a 3D room walk-through to preview a development. All this can be developed and managed in the Survey Node manager.

This can be a simple survey or something more advanced that includes 3D virtual shopping or other advanced technology.

As the respondents go about the exercise, we can collect data on the questions as well as the stimuli, like mouse clicks, hover events, and timing information. We can record every move and click during the survey tasks, which can then be analysed in more depth once field research is complete, or even in real-time.

Survey Designer - node based survey creation - question settings


Data quality

Another added advantage to the Survey Manager is its ability to set some data quality checks as part of the structure. Meaning, we can place some nodes that are there to evaluate the respondents’ behaviour and likely engagement factor. Are they completing the survey normally or is this a robot or fake user?

This means that our users can set the rules of who is classified as suspicious or fake.

An example activity

Using the Survey Manager, our users can add a Concept Feedback node for testing a new packaging design. This takes advantage of the Concept Feedback and Heatmap activity tools to record customer feedback in real-time.

Such an application is deployed in Packaging research that is accessed via mobile and desktop.


Four Easy Steps

  1. Register and create a project
  2. Add the question type nodes
  3. Configure the question flow
  4. Run the survey and receive feedback

Key Activities

  • Pricing and promotions research
  • Choice selections
  • Size implications
  • Purchasing decisions and impact

Use Cases

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