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3D Concept Evaluator

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Gather detailed insights with this 3D concept tester and heatmap tool where respondents can click, rotate, and zoom the product in all directions.
3d packaging model
Transform your product concept into a 3D model.
respondent feedback packaging research
Allow respondents to interact with the model and leave feedback by placing pins and commenting.
custom reports and analytics
Receive real-time data analysis as the research is taking place.

How to use 3D Concept Evaluator in your packaging research?

How to use 3D Concept Evaluator in your packaging research?

Before launching a product or entirely improving its look, it is imperative to know how it is perceived by your consumers. This 3D packaging tester and heatmap tool brings more life to your research as all the details on a concept will be visible.

Respondents are shown the model with which they interact by zooming in and rotating the product in all directions, being able to see every detail. Using 3D representation gives a real-life view of the product and, therefore, the feedback collected is also a representative of what they’d give in a real shop. This differs from the 3D Packaging Animation, as the whole focus is on allowing users to comment while not complicating the usability with animations and other features.

How does it work?

The freehand tool allows users to highlight areas of interest on the packaging by placing pins and commenting. The respondents can indicate whether they like that area or dislike it and then leave a specific comment.

Representing products in 3D means that the reactions are measured in a more accurate manner as compared to 2D static images. The tool can be used in any survey and it can be integrated into any project to solicit user feedback about a product packaging.

Given we have an agile development process, the tool can be tailored to suit different scenarios for your research. Apart from having a fast development lifecycle, you can gather real-time data as the research is going on, and data analysis can be provided as soon as the survey is done.

Four easy steps

  1. Provide concept sketches of your product
  2. We convert them into a 3D virtual model
  3. We provide the links for survey integration
  4. You receive real-time user feedback

Key Benefits

  • Early stage concept concept validation
  • Design improvements and iterations
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Real-time insights

Use Cases

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