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An intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop virtual store builder enabling you to create any store layout and planograms in minutes. Discover its simple interface and automated tools for auto shelve creation.
virtual store planogram builder
Easy-to-use layout system for a full store and planogram planning.
drag and drop virtual store
Build a virtual store in minutes and not days. Drag and drop 2D or 3D products with ease.
customise virtual store
Customise price labels, bays, shelves, and environment easily.

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop shelve builder

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop shelve builder

The online virtual store planogram builder is an intuitive web-based application, developed to deliver the very best and simplest solution for all virtual shelve and virtual shopping activities.

Loaded with a straightforward and innovative toolset to help build the store environment of your choice. Whether you want to build a single aisle with one bay or a whole supermarket, this application will enable you and your teams to do it all.

This flexible tool allows you to create virtual shelves like hanging/peg bays or more traditional standard bays. Building things like chilled and freezer bays are a breeze.

Planogram builder features

While the application is mostly set up for research purposes, it also allows for accurate planogram development. Both agency and client will be able to painlessly collaborate on specific planogram setups and establish the optimal shelve layout.

This is not done with guesstimates, but rather working with real-world bay and product dimensions. For the first time, both agency and clients are able to work together collaboratively! Both can now adjust, switch and manipulate the planogram with an easy-to-use online application that does not require any plugins or software to be installed.

Creating templated planograms is simple to do, as well as adding and duplicating projects for future research.

It is now possible for clients to create templates for various store environments. These environments will reflect the local market, i.e. Walmart in the US, or Tesco in the UK. This provides great flexibility for quick virtual shelve setups, without needing to build a whole store environment every time.

Time is everything

Why spend days or even weeks building a planogram and email ping pong be a norm for working on such projects? Cut all this out and reduce your workload and time to delivery. The application allows easy collaboration, without the need to send endless email chains.

Simple automation

While the drag-and-drop functionality is great, it might be a bit taxing when dragging 100s of products to a bay. As such, we developed a simple-to-use template excel builder. This enables clients to fill in an excel sheet that lists the number of facing, bay location, or anything else needed to build the store.

Then this template file can be dragged to the application for it to automatically build the bays. This provides a great first step to help in building large complex planograms.

Four easy steps

  1. Drag a bay to the shop floor and arrange the bays as needed
  2. Upload all product and data sheets with all the product information
  3. Arrange the products in the bay as per planogram requirement
  4. Adjust the camera position and preview the respondent view to adjust

Key Activities

  • Planogram layout test
  • Build shopper activities
  • Create findability exercises
  • Build unique PoS experiences

Use Cases

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