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VR Shopping

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Build immersive shopping experiences that are memorable and unique.
vr shopping research
Simulate a realistic and immersive shopping environment.
VR shopper research
Test multiple environments, displays and other branding variables.
custom reports and analytics
Analyse the effect of packaging design and product placement on the shelf.

How to use VR Virtual Shopper in your research

VR Shopping experience

How to use VR Virtual Shopper in your research

VR might seem like a marketing buzz word with no real impact on our everyday life. However, with big support from technology giants such as Facebook, it’s is slowly becoming more accessible and mainstream and will be more so in the future.

It’s particularly helpful in shopper research. Using VR headsets such as the HTC Vive, or Oculus, it’s now possible to give respondents a real-life shopping experience right in their home. This naturally does not mean that a respondent needs to purchase a headset. But rather, it allows clients to provide facilities that can be easily set up for qualitative research.

The key advantage of our VR shopping system over other providers is the unified nature of our platform. Using the Liveplano Shelf Builder, our clients are able to build virtual shopping stores for both VR and web-based surveys.

This key advantage gives clients amazing flexibility to develop surveys for both qualitative and quantitative-based research, being able to reach a wider audience and going into depth with a more realistic environment.

Interested in knowing how to implement VR shopping to your shopper research? Contact us and start exploring how our unified VR solutions can help you.

Key Activities

  • New product launch research
  • Packaging testing
  • Product placement
  • In-shop consumer behaviour

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