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Build a shelf in minutes! Shelf test products with the virtual shelf simulation app. Simulate an in-store experience with this quick to deploy shelf test solution to measure and improve the product's shelf and sales performance. Conduct close to real-life product market research before a product launch
tailor made survey designer
Measure the impact of different pricing strategies on sales.
Test your packaging design and other branding variables.
insights survey custom reports
Evaluate the effect on the market share of the product placement on the shelf.

How to use Virtual Shelves in your Product market research?

2D Virtual shelve shopper online

How to use Virtual Shelves in your Product market research?

3D Virtual Shelf

This virtual shopping exercise enables respondents to imagine shopping for a real product, emulating a physical store. With the 3D technology, the products can be picked from the shelf and examined closely on all sides. Thanks to the custom development of shelves, shopping exercises are specific to a given project.

Using the 3D virtual planogram, you can determine if your product stands out on the shelf or its best position in order to attract more purchases.

2D Virtual Shelf

As you work to gather as much consumer insight as possible, our virtual shelf comes in to make this process seamless. This shelf is built to mimic an actual store and uses 2D images.

Thanks to virtual shelves you can measure the true impact of in-store activities and test your prototypes before launching your product.
All this done virtually, allowing you to test a few scenarios and evaluate different behavioural and attitudinal metrics.

Some key insights:

– What are consumers buying
– What are they not buying
– How are they navigating the shelf
– What are they noticing/not noticing
– What they think of the package

Valuable data can be gathered from this exercise to help in both qualitative and quantitative analysis.

During the shelf development process, changes in shelf and/or store design can be done quickly as we encourage instant feedback from the client to ensure that we build the best solution in the shortest possible time.

Findability virtual shopping exercise

Virtual shelves allow you to ask questions like:

– Pick the pack that stands out for you.
– Which pack(s) do you think is new?
– Which product would you never buy?

And get the answers from users directly picking products from the shelf.

Not only are you able to run typical shopping exercises, but the same shelf can also then be configured to allow findability and time to purchase activities.

Advanced configurations

Other configurations can include, single product selection, multi-product selections, count down timer, and much more.

Four easy steps

  1. Register for an account
  2. Upload your 3D or 2D product models and data
  3. Build your virtual shelve and store
  4. Deploy the survey in qualitative or quantitative studies


  • Pricing promotions
  • A new packaging research
  • New Product Development (NPD) research
  • A line extension research
  • Shelf impact
  • Shelf size impression
  • Volume estimation

Trade Marketing:

  • POP material visibility and impact
  • Asses impact of promotions
  • Analyse impact of adjacencies
  • Category management
  • Pre-test realistic point of sale in any business environment
  • Path to purchase and How the shopper moves within a store

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