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A New Platform and a New Virtual shelf Planogram Builder

20 April 2021

No one could’ve predicted a global hitting pandemic. The impact has been felt far and wide. We were lucky, in the fact that we set ourselves a few clear goals prior to these past twelve months of turmoil. These included the total rebuild of our Survey and Virtual shopper platform.

The ultimate goal of the new platform is to give our clients total control over all aspects of the survey building process, from Survey Design to 3D Store Building and Planograms.

The new capabilities

Node based survey designer
Node based survey designer

The new platform will have the following capabilities:

  • Provide an intuitive, simple to use interface for complex authoring tasks.
  • Enable a complete survey to be programmed.
  • Going far beyond survey programming, but giving us and the clients the ability to develop/program any type of Activity.
  • Give us the total flexibility to meet the clients needs by using an adaptable technology core.
  • Providing a scalable infrastructure with improved real-time capabilities.

These goals set out our mission for the future of ConceptSauce and what we hope to achieve from 2021 onwards.

The new platform has been in development for close to 20 months now. In this time period, we have faced many challenges on all fronts, including backend and frontend infrastructure.

We never thought cluster setups with Kafka could be so problematic. However, we are here now and through the tunnel. Very happy to say, we have come out stronger and more stable.

What makes up the new system!

The new platform has a totally new system and sub apps.

We will cover each of these solutions over the coming weeks with updates and new features. Each one of these will provide our clients with a vastly improved simple and intuitive experience. To meet all their research and not research-related needs.

How did we get here? 🎉

We could not have managed to achieve this momentous stage of our life without our amazing team of highly skilled and reliable awesome individuals. Through personal tragedy, uncertainty, global and economic disaster, the team stayed on point to deliver.

We have seen our people develop their skills and learn new ones. This is something that really does fill me with pride and happiness. This has been and will always be, a global collaboration spanning cultural divides and multi-ethnic backgrounds. An inspiration and not separation, a collaboration and not dictation.

A big big thank you and warmest of regards to every single person who has and continues to work with us. From part-timers to full-timers. Every single contribution and effort counts.

We are all looking forward to working with our clients to achieve greater success together.