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How to use 3D PDFs in surveys with respondent viewed validation

31 March 2021

How to turn a 3D PDFs into an online 3D rotatable package for online market research.

3D PDFs have been around for a long time and are used in packaging design and proofing. In the past, we used to receive flat artwork that was created in illustrator and then it was up to us to turn this flat 2D artwork into a 3D packaging visual.

This process is similar to origami, whereby the flat artwork is folded virtually on the computer till it represents the actual physical product. This is then processed and hosted online for respondents to evaluate and comment on.

While this is a process we still do, we have been increasingly working with 3D PDFs. These have the flat artworks already folded into a 3D form and what we do is edit these 3D files directly and process them as per the usual method.

The issue that arises is when these 3D PDFs need to be hosted online say in Confirmit, and also add validation i.e. did the respondent view the back of the pack or all views.

With the ConceptSauce platform, clients can add respondent viewed validation and also set the tolerance. In the example below, you can see how after the respondent does the rotation, the Next button appears.

The sensitivity as to when the Next button appears can be set in the admin part of the Survey Builder platform:

Set respondent viewed 3D PDF Packaging tolerance

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