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Findability Dialog in a 3D virtual shelf.

Market research with 3D virtual shelf

30 November 2022

We have yet another update with exciting features for the shelf builder and virtual shelf solution in general. As the year ends, we are striving to roll out many features/fixes for our clients to make shelf creation a more intuitive and simple process.

Delete all price tags on a shelf

Sometimes there is need to delete price tags on a given shelf and selecting one by one can become a tedious task if you have hundreds of products. With the new feature, users don’t need to go through this process as they can select them at once and delete them.

Deleting price tags on the virtual shelf platform

Reinforce product name in a Findability Exercise

A findability exercise is timed and sometimes it’s hard for respondents to memorize the name of the product they were asked to find. So once a respondent clicks on a product, they are asked to confirm if that is the correct product.

Findability exercise with correct product name

Full list of Updates

Respondent app changes

  • Add product name to Findability dialog
  • Zoom product in Findability
  • Fixes in mobile controls

Shelf Builder

  • Select all prices from shelf menu
  • Waypoint JPG support
  • Price label text auto wrap
  • Fix conjoint height calculation
  • Fix invalid SKUs list blocking the app
  • Fix Bay resizing in front view 
  • add the ability to create custom pegs
  • Ability to freeze camera position

Amin App Changes

  • Fix copy/paste in notice block
  • Fix Enter key bindings
  • Fix platform shutdown time calculations

We continue to push the limits and features of our planogram shelf builder platform. We look forward to implementing new features and improvements for all our clients.

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