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Showing how a Pegboard or Pegwall product is created in the Shelf builder platform

Shelf Builder Platform – What’s new this month – April 2022

21 April 2022

Another month and more exciting updates on the Shelf Builder platform. In this update we added a few more features, but also, paid very closer attention to testing.

We now have a number of features that will again go a long way to help extend our clients capabilities for any shopper research project.

The Highlight – Use physical image dimensions

This is one of the key features that brings a whole new simplicity to how products can be used without providing any dimensional information in the Product Data sheet CSV.

Previously to having this feature, our clients needed to provide the product dimensions in the CSV file, now however; if the image is correctly cropped and it has the correct DPI according to the photographic setup, then simply dragging this to the Shelf Builder will work.

Product images set according to the DPI/PPI of the image

Pegwall / Pegboard Hooks Blister packs support

Don’t be limited by the shelf! Now you can easily upload blister packs that hang on pegboards. This can even be used in a Conjoint type research.

The price labels are also easily customisable, simply edit and adjust the size, add images for promos. Everything is possible 😁.

Adding a Pegwall / Pegboard Hooks using the shelf builder platform

Currency support

This was a tricky one to tackle, as it seemed to need a little bit more time than initial anticipated. That said, we cracked this nut and now we have support for the major currencies, but can now easily add more in the future.

Improving product and bay builder meta data

This has taken weeks of refactoring of the codebase. Managing the product data and the in scene interaction was getting rather complicated and as we grow the platform. We needed to improve how the various elements work within the app.

The new improvements, while clients might not see this clearly, means that the application works much faster and the product interactions are predictable.

These new improvements mean we can better structure how the the internal data of the app is managed.

Easier Depth product creation

Now its easier to add depth products, simply select a bay, then go into side view. Then holding down shift, you can select multiple products and then duplicate these back.

How to add depth products in the Shelf Builder
How to add depth products in the Shelf Builder

New features coming down the pipeline

Real 3D products on a shelf, soon we will be able to load 3D models on virtual shelfs. However, this will really push the limits as each 3D model that loads when the user clicks on it, will have unprecedented quality. Meaning we can add things like Gold layer to packs, or bumps, or other special printed layer.

3D products on a shelf coming next month

There is many more improvements and fixes that further improve the stability of the platform. Happy Building…

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