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Shelf Builder Platform – What’s new this month – March 2022

16 March 2022

The new platform has come a long way since going live a early this year. Our amazing team has been busy with squashing bugs and adding new features.

We are sure that all these improvements will help our clients achieve amazing shopper research.

there has been hundreds of thousands of code written to improve and bug fix the Shelf builder and the respondent as well as Admin Platform.

The below is a highlight of some the key features.


Upload Marketing POSMs

Now you can test marketing material with ease. Simply upload an PNG image and place this in any location. On top of a Bay, on the side of the bay as an aisle fin. Or cover the whole aisle. Everything is possible.

You can resize and position the POSM freely. Meaning you can test out various POSM placements quickly with minimum effort.

New Chiller unit addition

Not all bays are equal, now you can add Chiller Unites to display all your drink products like you would see in a physical shop environment. More bays will be added very soon.

Re-arrange products on shelf

Moving products around from one bay to the other, or shelf to the other was a challenge before. However, now its simple to drag and drop any product to any bay or shelf. Existing products will make space for the product been moved into its space.

Aspect Ratio calculation

Providing physical dimensions for product SKUs can be on some occasions a difficult. With the aspect ratio feature, clients only need to provide one dimensions, Hight or Width. Then the product missing measurement is calculated based on the aspect ratio of the uploaded image.

Automatic Shelf fill

Fill a shelf with all products


Duplicate projects, Blocks and Survey Flows

Use the copy feature to create templates of any project or survey flow. Create a shelf setup, then simply copy it as a new project, or adjust it for new concept tests.

This provides our clients with a powerful feature to iterate and quickly test new packaging designs, planogram layouts and optimisations.

Context aware Panel

Previously, any changes made in the right hand side panel were lost if not saved. Now, if any changes are made in the side panel, a dialog box will appear to confirm changes.


We updated the whole store environment and added the Chiller unite shelf. More updates will follow on this front.

We also added the ability to crouch, meaning that respondents can now pick up products on the lower shelf easily too.

On the data capture front, we are capturing ever greater number of metrics. Now all easily accessible via a simplified API call.

hundreds of little improvements that are too many to write about. We believe these amazing developments will make shopper research more accessible and simpler to all our clients.