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3D Virtual shelf with 3D products

Shelf Planogram Builder platform update 07

14 July 2022

It has been quite the month, we have been very busy with a number of projects. As well as the development of exciting new features coming to the shelf builder platform

Highlight feature – Multi-user Shelf building

Our biggest feature so far is the ability to now add multi-user access to the shelf builder. What this means for some of our SaaS clients, is that they will be able to add as many users as they would like, that then can create planograms on different projects under the same account.

This provides fixability for larger teams to build planograms and other shelf setups globally. No matter the time zone, it is going to be super easy to co-ordinate shelf creation with stack holders and programmers.

Planogram building with multi-user access

3D Products on a virtual shelf

Our typical shelfs only use 2D images on a shelf, this is very effective and time efficient. However, for some research objectives, more is needed for product representation and evaluation. This is where the full 3D products on a shelf, come into their own.

With 3D products on the shelf, a respondent or participant, can click and interact with the product, picking it up from the shelf and then rotating it, allow the product to be examined in all directions

3D products on used on a shelf for any planogram build

This has also meant quite a bit of work on the backend and the Shelf builder platform to enable the handling and displaying of 3D products on a shelf. All super cool development and exciting to see in motion.

Multi-camera support

Creating multiple cameras is now supported, simply drag a camera to the floor plan and set the camera type.

Using multiple cameras is very useful for controlling how a respondent can interact with the virtual shelf. For instance, cell group 1, can see the left camera, while cell group 2 would see the central or right camera. This does help greatly in reducing bias in virtual shelf research projects.

Using multiple cameras in a shelf planogram research

New Open Casket chiller bay added

While the planogram builder platform can create any type of bays, it is always simpler to have a few default bays that we can use from the get go.

The open casket chiller bay allows our clients to place products in a refrigeration unit, think of milk or cheese products.

New chiller unit planogram virtual shelf

We continue to push the limits and feature of our planogram shelf builder platform. The team is looking forward to implementing new features and improvements for all our clients.

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