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Creating many manual tests for platform function checks

The importance of Manual Testing in Software Development

15 April 2022

Unit testing is not enough!

Testing has been this month’s focus. Testing is not something you can consider to be fun. However, it is a critical aspect of any stable platform development and longevity.

All across our systems, from Shelf builder to the Admin and respondent, have unit tests written. However, these can only capture some situation that might arise when developing new features or fixing others.

Unit tests do server a purpose, they are important to have. However, with our 3D platform, the tests can not be used in cases where there are intricate user features.

Manual test creation in Tuskr

Manual testing is another layer that makes sure what we deploy does not impact our existing clients.

Writing these tests can be time consuming, as such, we need to make sure we have a system that makes this process painless and simple to do.

As such, we have been using Tuskr now for a month or so, and it has become quite an integral part of our testing process.

Every feature that is completed on Trello has a manual test specified with it in Tuskr. This has already helped to find problems with some features/bug fixes.

In our situation we can paste screenshots from clipboard or simple write out each step:

How to create manual test steps

We suggest you add such a process to your development process as it will prove invaluable to your long term success.

Happy testing and hope you achieve a stable product with more of this Manual testing 😊.