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Virtual Store Builder Platform Update – Jan 2023

30 January 2023

As we kick off the new year, we have deployed many updates to improve market research with virtual shelves. These all come as continuous enhancements to make both the shelf-building process and virtual shelf exercises very easy.

Text wrapping on price labels

It is now possible to add product names to price labels without worrying about text length. When you add a long product name to the price tag, the text-wrapping feature will ensure that the rest of the text is displayed on the next line for a more appealing look.

Text wrapping on price tag on virtual shelf

Rotate products on shelf builder

Some products will not always have the right rotation as we build shelves. We implemented this quick solution so that we can easily rotate individual products right within the platform without using third-party tools to rotate them and then re-upload the image to the shelf. With this ease of use, quick edits are possible saving you time.

Rotate products on the shelf builder platform

Resize product name and other elements on price tag

This feature makes it easy to customize price labels and create a unique shelf setup altogether. You can resize the product name, barcode, text box, etc. The size you set while on the price builder will be reflected on the price tag on shelf.

Resizing text boxes in price builder

Full list of Updates

Respondent app changes

  • Fixed bugs with products rendering and other bugfixes
  • Optimisations
  • Displaying correct message when user runs a survey which has been deleted
  • Allow any character in respondent_id, (any characters which are URL-correct) – not only alphanumeric
  • Change first notice block text on Test surveys, to “This is a demo setup”
  • Displaying decimal places in basket price (i.e. “2.00” instead of “2”)
  • Text wrapping on price labels

Admin app changes

  • Move the Edit survey popup into the right panel, to keep the UI consistent
  • Bugfixes i.e. in the Notice Block text editor (bugs with copy/paste, and Enter key)

Shelf Builder

  • Setting optional rotation limits for the camera (so the user can only rotate within set range)
  • Allow rotation for waypoint images
  • Ability to enable/disable LOD setting (off by default)
  • Freezing camera option (Locked camera means in RA, the camera can rotate only, but not move)
  • Adjusting rotations of the object from Inspector panel
  • Ability to move objects using arrow keys
  • Fix bugs with Conjoint price labels positioning
  • Fix bug with positioning Props around rotated bays
  • Ability to resize some price label elements in Price Builder
  • Ability to adjust position of the price label on the shelf precisely (move it slightly in all directions)

Backend improvements:

  • Accessing data using respondent_encoded instead of respondent_id

With all these improvements and more coming during the course of the year, we look forward to working with clients on different projects utilizing the amazing features of our virtual shelf builder.

Reach out for a demo of our 3D virtual shelf solution.