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ConceptSauce - Virtual shelf builder - Advanced shelf product options

How to change shelf product options in the Virtual shelf builder

02 July 2021

Using the virtual shelf builder. You can now adjust the product image appearance on the Virtual Shelf. This gives clients great power to adjust many aspects of the products.

Some of the product attributes that can be changed are:

Saturation and Brightness

Changing the saturation and brightness, means you will not need to re-upload the product image, but rather a simple slider to change the appearance if the image is too dark or under/over saturated.

Pixilation, Enabled or Disabled

While not strictly necessary, this gives you the ability to build dummy bays easily and also disable some products that perhaps are not shoppable.

Image replace

Easy one button image replace

Product Orientation

One of the most important feature is the Orientation change of the product. This provides a simple method to change the product orientation according to the real/proposed shelf display.

More features will be added in the future. Watch this space!